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Youth Programs


Police Camp 9-1-1Metro Police Camp 911 is a fun, interactive introduction to Emergency Services. The program will teach youth in grades 3-5 how to prevent common traffic and home injuries, how to give simple but life­saving emergency care to injured victims, and will provide information about working in the emergency services field.  See the attached   


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July 16 – 19, 2018


Bicycle Registration: The Metro Police Department provides a registration form detailing information that will assist in the recovery of stolen bicycles.  An informative pamphlet educates the child and community on bicycle safety.  

A Child is Missing Alert: (Also addresses concerns for the elderly and the disabled.) Records on file from the Child Keeper System are accessed to provide immediate computerized information to all media, agencies, and communities to recognize, locate and return missing people.

Child Keeper System: A child’s photo, fingerprints, medical information emergency contact and other necessary information for a complete record on file is provided to parents for availability in the event of an emergency.

Child Safe Program: Free gunlocks are provided to discourage unauthorized access to firearms, particularly by young children.  

School Programs: Resource officers promote safety in the school and community.  Truancy, drugs and alcohol related problems, emergency and security plans, health and crisis intervention, accidents on school property, counseling, referrals and crime prevention are addressed.

Child Car Seat Inspections: With new vehicles and new car seats many parents do not know how to properly install their car seats.  The national average for improper use of a child car seat is about eighty (80) percent.  Unfortunately, the Metro Police Department no longer has a certified car seat technician.  

To find a Child Seat Safety Inspection Station location, go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website: www.nhtsa.gov/Safety/CPS   

Information about "Check Up" events can be found at the the Safe Kids website: http://www.safekids.org/in-your-area/

No "Check Up" Events are scheduled in this area at thiis time.