Senior Programs

Programs for Adults, Senior Citizens and the Disabled

Cell Phone Program:  Working cell phone that can only be used to contact 911 are given to people for emergency use.

Emergency Dial 911:  Mundy Township and the City of Swartz Creek residents can access emergency assistance for police, fire and medical emergencies as well as police response for non-emergency incidents at any time by dialing “911”.  This includes reporting of crimes, suspicious activities and traffic incidents. For business matters or follow up information regarding previous repors, call the Metro Police during business hours (810) 820-2190.  The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Neighborhood Watch:  Volunteers have contact with officers assigned to their neighborhoods to facilitate problem resolution.  This crime prevention program will involve the cooperative partnership of police and community, and ultimately improving the quality of life in the neighborhood and community.

Property Identification:  Serial numbers of valuables may be inscribed and recorded.  This program helps reduce loss and assists police in recovering stolen property.

Shop with a Hero:  Families identified by supportive agencies are provided a holiday experience sponsored by Meijer as well as other businesses and individual community donors.  Police and Fire Department personnel along with members of the Mundy Volunteer Program help the children during this event.

Vial of Life Program: Medical and informational records can be recorded for each family member and placed in a Vial of Life capsule that will be located on the top shelf, right rear corner of the refrigerator. A warning sticker adhered to the top right side of the outside of the refrigerator door.  Information is updated as needed.  In case of emergency, should the individual be alone, acutely ill, injured, unconscious, or physically unable to communicate; paramedics, the police or fired department will be able to access medical information immediately to provide emergency care.

You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A): A Metro Police Volunteer from the volunteer program will make contact with the senior or disabled resident who has no one to check on them throughout the week.  The volunteer will make contact, establish rapport, and assist them in addressing issues regarding fear, health, safety, or crime.  If the resident’s condition is diminished and he/she is unable to communicate, the volunteer will assist the resident in arranging for the appropriate services.