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Genesee County School Resource Officer's Network

Thank you for visiting the Genesee County School Resource Officer’s Network website. There are new features that we are happy to introduce and welcome feedback in order to create a website that will enable effective communication for all.

One of the enhanced features that we are introducing is a calendar that will supply all of the information in one specific area. This will include: classes, training, meeting dates and much more.

Mission Statement

To build a cadre of trained and knowledgeable School Resource, T.E.A.M. and D.A.R.E. Officers for safer schools in Genesee County.

  • To provide a forum for sharing successful school-policing strategies
  • To increase officers’ effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To brainstorm unresolved issues.
  • To develop a group of mentors to assist new officers.
  • To develop a repository of quality training opportunities.
  • To pursue fundraising to support discretionary youth activities.
  • To organize summer recreation programs for youngsters.
  • To develop a common reporting system / form for offenses under PA 102.
  • To serve as a collegial group to establish a common focus / bond among officers.

Network Contacts

Agency: Metro Police Authority
School: Carman-Ainsworth MS
Phone: 810-591-6226

Agency: Metro Police Authority
School: Swartz Creek Schools
Phone: 810-591-1867
Fax: 810-635-3728

Network Assignments

Andres, Bruce, Ofc. University of Michigan – Flint Public Safety 762-3333

PA - 102

Reporting Under the Law Enforcement Agreement.
Under the bill, if school officials determined an incident had occurred at school that is required to be reported to law enforcement agencies or child protection agencies, or both, the superintendent would have to immediately report that finding to the appropriate state or local law enforcement agency and the appropriate state or local child protection agency.  If provided in a memorandum of understanding, a local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over a school building of a school district would be required to report to school officials in a building the incidents reported to the agency that alleged the commission of a crime that either occurred within 1,000 feet of the school or that involved a student or staff member as a victim or alleged perpetrator.  Upon request, school officials would have to provide the law enforcement agency with any information needed to provide such a report.
Statewide School Safety Information Policy
PA 102 of 1999, Section 1308
I.    The Statewide School Safety Information Policy mandates the communication of specific information between public school districts and their local law enforcement agencies.  The Policy requires:
*    public school districts to report, to local law enforcement, offenses (listed in Section II) which occur on school property, on school sponsored transportation, or at a school sponsored activity;
* local law enforcement to report, to the school district, crimes committed on school property, or crimes committed off school property which may reasonably be expected to, “pose a significant threat of imminent danger to students, staff or school property”.
Schools and law enforcement agencies are to designate their own School Resource Officers (SRO), and alternates, to be responsible for this exchange of information.

II.    The Policy names 21 incidents that must be reported:

  1. Armed Student or Hostage
  2. Suspected armed student
  3. Weapons on school property
  4. Death or homicide
  5. Drive-by shooting
  6. Physical Assault
  7. Bomb Threat
  8. Explosion
  9. Arson
  10. Sexual Assault
  11. Robbery or Extortion
  1. Unauthorized removal of students
  2. Threat of Suicide
  3. Suicide Attempt
  4. Larceny
  5. Intruders
  6. Illegal drug use or overdose
  7. Drug possession or drug sale
  8. Vandalism/Destruction of property
  9. Minor in possession of alcohol or tobacco products
  10. Bus incident or accident

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