Metro Police Authority of Genesee County


METRO police authority of genesee county

The Metro Police Authority of Genesee County was created through cooperation and collaboration between Mundy Township and the City of Swartz Creek.  Leadership in both municipalities embraced the vision of providing their citizens with more efficient and responsive law enforcement services by sharing resources and on February 1, 2017, that vision became a reality.  At the stroke of midnight, the Mundy Township and Swartz Creek Police Departments were dissolved and the Metro Police Authority was born.  The Authority is defined under an Interlocal Agreement, which is founded on the Urban Cooperation Act of 1967, that allows municipalities to provide jointly that which they can provide separately.  Since its establishment, the Metro Police Authority has provided effective and efficient policing to its community members.  This has been accomplished through community engagement, problem-oriented policing and a pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Mundy Township

City of Swartz Creek