Metro Police Authority of Genesee County


METRO police authority of genesee county

MVP Program

The Metro Police Volunteer Program

The Metro Police Authority is actively recruiting community minded individuals to become members of the Metro Volunteer Program (MVP). The program was created, and exists, in order to form a coalition directly involving the citizens of the community as partners in sharing, identifying, prioritizing and solving problems. This partnership allows police to develop solutions for community concerns that will make the community safer, foster mutual accountability and respect, and improve the overall quality of life in the communities we serve. Community members successfully completing the MVP Academy may elect to become proactive volunteers supporting the Metro Police by assisting in programs designed to address City and Township concerns and community needs. Volunteers only commit to the time they can afford. Examples of MVP activities include assisting Metro Officers with parades, sporting events, Swartz Creek Hometown Days, Back to the Bricks and Crim Road Race events, assisting community members who are need and other events as necessary. Additionally, there is an annual banquet to recognize the valuable contributions of our volunteers. The MVP program is a rewarding experience which provides an opportunity to be involved in your community as well as fostering new relationships within the community and the Metro Police Authority.

If you would like information, or are interested in joining the Metro Volunteer Program, please contact the Metro Police Authority at 810-820-2190.